How To Get A Good Tech Job With No Experience

3 min readNov 6, 2020

Years of work experience are an enviable resume booster. That alone will place you ahead of the pack in a job hunt. One misconception that job hunters have is that they cannot find good jobs in the tech sector without a computer science degree.

They believe that they need to have been programming from the age of ten, to find an impactful position in the zone. This is a myth designed to keep the motivated autodidact out of the industry.

The tech zone is in the middle of an employment boom. Businesses are scrambling to adjust to a growing IT sector, attracting top talent for good pay. Any motivated person can have an appealing career in tech that allows them to experience the exhilarating cutting edge of innovation.

So how can you go from zero tech experience to employment?

1. Find A Mentor

Bryan Helmig is a self-taught coder and CTO of Zapier.

His web automation app went from zero users to over 600,000 users in three years. The co-founder of the app integrations platform started his hacker education on the Joomla and WordPress environment.

On learning PHP, Bryan proceeded to Django, and Python and Zapier was the end product of his digital projects.

Bryan says that the first of his web projects was a website that would match users to mentors. At the time, he, too, was looking for people in tech, for hands-on education and inspiration. The tech industry is extremely receptive of eager learners.

And rightly so. In the tech space, employees are often tasked with solving complex challenges in teams. This therefore demands a team armed with different talents and experiences.

To find a mentor network with other tech talents. Go for meet-ups and join your tech community. Collaborate with like-minded technologists and get firsthand experience of what their roles entail.

2. Read and Write Your Way into Your Favorite Tech Role

Most tech companies have a hard time locating tech talent. Right now, there are only 400,000-degree applicants for more than a million positions in tech.

Database administrators, computer systems analysts, blockchain, software, web, and mobile app developers are in high demand.

That said, many successful IT entrepreneurs built their empires with zero experience. Blair McKee of DNS Made Easy started as a copywriter. Since tech business was her area of specialty, she needed simple but well-articulated articles describing complex concepts. Blair wrote for a tech startup, moved to tutorials and learned front-end development and web design.

Learning code and reading industry news, Blair became a career technologist.

What could be learnt is that one ought to build micro experiences that show off skills to prospective employers.

What your future employer needs to see is the concrete outcomes of your real-world work. You can build your micro experiences by working on online platforms, blogging, or volunteering.

3. Display Your Experience

Once you have made your mark and have created your micro experiences, show off your skills to potential employers. You can, for instance, post your skills on LinkedIn.

A visual and professional platform, LinkedIn is home to over 20 million businesses.

It has over 14 million vacancies on it at any time, and 90 percent of recruitment agencies use it to find top talent. Over 35.5 million LinkedIn users have found their jobs from the platform, while 122 million others have gone to an interview courtesy of LinkedIn!

You can also post your experience on a personal blog.

To Cap it Up

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