There Is A Surge In Crypto And Bitcoin Jobs: Here’s How to Find One

4 min readJan 8, 2021

The famous quote attributed to Zig Ziglar that “Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation,” holds in many fields. Twelve years ago, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies did not exist. Today, this industry employs millions globally and is getting even bigger.

Opportunities in this industry range from finance, business, and even software development. As Bitcoin exploded into the public conscience in 2017, many people became aware of the opportunities therein. Similarly, many blockchain and crypto firms went into overdrive recruiting talent for their operations.

After the bear market of 2018, hiring should have had a slowdown. However, the market began recovering in early 2019 and has since reached $40,000.

The result of this boom is the creation of many high-paying jobs for qualified professionals. People with backgrounds as tech developers, finance systems experts, data experts, and management professionals have the most likelihood of finding placement in this industry.

Regardless, the opportunities are varied and there are hundreds of different job types that a crypto firm would look for. You don’t have to be a Silicon Valley tech wizard to find a placement. All you need is to harness your skills and package yourself to work in this sector.

Why the Surge in Crypto Opportunities

Bitcoin is gaining a semblance of stability in recent months of trading. Despite no government bailouts and stimulus, the pioneer coin has been resilient in the period of Coronavirus related shutdowns. As the world seeks to emerge from this period, this coin is poised for a successful period.

The growth in other cryptocurrencies and their various uses are also noteworthy. The idea of using smart contract technology for instantaneous trustless payments has attracted the attention of major players like Facebook and the Chinese government. Such institutional legitimacy for cryptocurrencies is something no one would have imagined a decade ago.

Therefore, many more entrepreneurs are looking to invest in cryptocurrency startups. Governments are also researching the viability of national digital currencies. Combine these with a resilient crypto sector and it is evident why there are many hiring crypto jobs opening up.

As the industry continues to evolve and become more mainstream, the range of opportunities will only get wider. All you need to do is track the development in crypto at the five-year and ten-year points respectively since launch to realize the tremendous upside in this sector.

Improving Your Chances

Anyone who believes that a remote job will automatically find them is being naïve; especially for the crypto sector. Most firms recruit online and that is where your efforts should be focused. It is best to have a polished presence ready to take up any such opportunities. Before this, of course, it helps if you have relevant skills that hiring companies are looking for.

There are a lot of short courses online that you can do to pad your resume. Besides, you can learn from crypto forums or sites like Reddit and gain a lot of insights into the crypto industry. Most crypto professionals, especially in the early days of the industry brought their existing skill sets and tailored them to this industry.

The bottom line is that you have to be aggressive and inventive in your approach. Crypto is not like the medical profession, for example, where one trains specifically for it and then applies their knowledge in their area of specialization. It is diverse and dynamic, meaning that at any one time, one person can have multiple roles they are suited for.

Participate on Social Medias

You can gather a considerable amount of contacts and insights on Social Medias like Twitter and Reddit. You can also engage more directly on Discord and Slack group.

It’s worth noting that a lot of projects are posting job opportunities through those channels to find highly motivated talents.

Seeking the Service of a Recruitment Agency

Going on an exploratory journey yourself may not be adequate to get you hired. There are agencies that specialize in connecting prospective candidates with companies seeking to hire. ioTalentSolutions is one such organization that connects qualified professionals with exciting opportunities.

Why contact a recruitment agency? Think about it from the perspective of an employer. If you are looking to hire a person for a certain position, will you go on a wild goose chase looking for them, or will you look for an existing pool of talent?

The answer is likely the latter. The recruitment agency provides a link between prospective candidates and hiring companies.

Secondly, a professional recruitment agency can help optimize your marketability. This includes optimizing your resume, preparing you for interviews, providing industry insights, finding the right career path based on your skillset, and connecting you with the right opportunities. Granting you such visibility in the market is excellent for your prospects.

To Wrap It Up

Having a successful career within the cryptocurrency sector is no longer an idealistic notion. This industry is here to stay and those who realize this earlier and position themselves well can reap the rewards.

A recruitment agency can come in handy with regard to ensuring you connect to the right opportunities. There is nothing that can come in your way once you have the right set up.