Tips on How to Get Blockchain Jobs

5 min readAug 26, 2020

Blockchain technology is one of the greatest innovations in the past few decades. In the Silicon Valley era, this is no mean feat as there are enough remarkable breakthroughs to go around.

This innovation is disrupting finance, supply chain management, data, and many other sectors in unprecedented ways. Besides the impressive disruptive power, the blockchain industry has opened opportunities for millions of developers and other related cryptocurrency and blockchain jobs. These opportunities continue to grow as the blockchain’s blueprint continues to expand. There is still a shortage of qualified blockchain professionals because of the high entry-level threshold.

If you are looking to get hired in the blockchain sector, rest assured that there are countless opportunities out there. However, these blockchain jobs opportunities can seem out of reach for those without the requisite skills, certifications, or presence to attract employers. Here are a few tips on how to improve your prospects and get hired in blockchain job sector:

Ensure you have requisite certification and/or experience

All things constant, the most qualified person should get the job. For regular developers, certifications like Microsoft MTA, Cloudera CDHH, and Oracle Expert (OCE) show that you are up to speed with the fundamentals. Having these is great, but there are blockchain-specific certifications out there to boost your profile.

Experience in programming is certainly an advantage. That said, in the blockchain sector, you can add to your marketability through certifications like the MIT Sloan blockchain six-week course. Others include IBM Developer, Blockchain Training Alliance, and Certified Blockchain Developer (CBD) from Blockchain Council. These courses are typically short, relatively affordable, and online. Besides equipping you with important skills, such certifications are important in distinguishing you from the field.

Having the certifications is one thing, but you will probably come across employers who need some level of experience. The wonderful thing about many blockchain platforms is that they utilize open source technology. Take time to learn how to build apps on the Ethereum blockchain or other blockchains.

Besides, you can write on blockchain-related topics on various blockchain and crypto platforms. If you can afford to, interning at blockchain startups is great too. The four key players in this sector are startups, legacies (banks and firms), tech companies, and governments. Scour their sites thoroughly to get hold of any positions that open up.

Expanding Your Presence and Reach

Having a proper online profile is not an exercise in futility. After all, what good are your skills if no one knows about them?

Proper guidance on how to market yourself online is essential. The blockchain industry is fast evolving and employers are looking for all manner of different things at any given time. To understand what prevailing trends are, it is helpful to seek the guidance of industry leaders and robust ioTalentSolutions that can ease the process for you.

Therefore, it is vital to have a polished online presence to boost your prospects. An impressive profile reeks of professionalism, and this can translate to getting hired. Having your name out there is very important in this digital age.

For hiring blockchain talent, taking the same route is just as rewarding. Partnering with a reliable talent solution can fast-track the hiring process significantly. Besides, an employer can get access to a wider range of talent, something not necessarily possible in a competitive process.

Preparation to Get Started

In every aspect of life, extra preparation can always be useful.

Abe Lincoln is famous for his quote, “give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.” Well, we may no longer live in the glorious age of lumber and hunting, but the underlying principle is eternal.

Getting ready to enter the fray, whether it is an interview, marketing, pitching an idea and related activities can be grueling. Preparation is the only way to reduce or eliminate worries that you may have.

Preparation also extends to capacity-building in the blockchain sector. This includes research startups with aspects relevant to the blockchain space. They include working with large codebases, knowledge in data structures and algorithms, and proficiency in programming languages like Javascript.

Having a smart talent solution to take you through the motions is invaluable. You could be the most knowledgeable person in the room but you have to look like it, not necessarily physically but just sounding like you know your stuff.

For those looking to hire, the same is true. Knowing what to look for among prospective employees is perhaps the most vital part of the hiring process. In the blockchain field, everyone can read up a little and label themselves an expert. A robust talent solution can help bridge this gap and make the transition smooth.

Therefore, finding such a reliable partner is an asset to your ventures. A talent solution like ioTalent Solutions uses proven methods in the industry to connect the best talent to entities looking to grow in this space. If you are looking to get hired, seeking the services of such a talent solution is a no-brainer.

Moreover, a talent solution with such transparency and reliability will keep you in the loop as regards your prospects and possible openings. It is difficult to keep up with all the blockchain opportunities and having someone do this service for you is of immense help.

Pro Tips

  • Make sure to include relevant keywords, most recruiters focus heavily on keyword search, unfortunately. (E.g: Viper, Solidity etc)
  • Make sure to include any Blockchain certifications and repositories
  • Highlight your passion for the industry, most companies are looking for it.
  • Get involved in crypto groups (Reddit, LinkedIn, Facebook, Discord etc)
  • If you don’t plan on using an agency, don’t be shy to contact the HR manager directly to get things done.
  • Always learn about the newest trends / protocols / blockchains with Twitter, Cointelegraph or Coindesk.

In Summary

The blockchain is the future of data and commerce. Just like the internet democratized access to information, the blockchain is disrupting the many sectors it is applicable in. Success is the confluence of opportunity meeting preparation.

Many opportunities are available in this sector. With the help of a great talent solution, your confluence becomes more readily accessible.

The time to make a difference in the blockchain industry is now. Capitalize on the efficiency of a blockchain talent solution to catapult you to the stars.