Working through a Pandemic: Success as Recruitment Agency in Covid 19

3 min readAug 3, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented challenge to all kinds of economic activity. The widespread shutdowns and disruptions in supply chains were devastating for businesses.

Startups that were only getting started were particularly vulnerable because most lacked the equity and stability of established firms. Thriving during this period is bucking the trend in all ways possible.

ioTalentSolutions had to maneuver these realities. However, in any downturn, there are opportunities that emerge. It was up to our team to find creative ways and ensure we continued to offer crucial recruitment services to companies and candidates and grow during this era.

How did we do it?

1. Adapting To the New Climate

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Our initial focus was on getting clients, but the lockdowns distorted the job market. We had to adapt to this reality to stay ahead of the competition. The shift to a candidate-centric approach was a strategic move that made us remain competitive in the times. Many clients were looking to cut their workforce, and that made hiring difficult.

Accordingly, we were able to place some of those candidates, which is a victory on our part. The fact that many organizations could not have a normal open workplace with social distancing also presented some opportunities.

Social distancing has created a number of remote positions for skilled people. We have filled this niche by linking qualified individuals with such openings. Accordingly, our services come in handy for qualified people who are looking for fulfillment and diverse opportunities.

2. Flexibility

Flexibility and adaptability are closely related concepts. The latter is more of a willingness to change strategy to cope with the times while the former is the momentary logistical changes to remain ahead. The ripple effects of the pandemic also necessitated some moves on our part.

The adjustment was manifested on the geographical front. Based on our analysis, we observed the challenges in the North American job market. We decided to expand our focus and create a client base in countries like France and Switzerland.

The momentary nature of these events means that we are proactive to ensure that our activities are in sync with the budgetary restrictions that came about during this historically difficult time.

As such, we were not left like many companies that were caught flat-footed by the disruptions. Through the uncertainty, we will continue to be flexible while providing consistent high-quality employment agency services.

3. Thinking outside the Box

Ultimately, old ideas cannot thrive in a new world. The changes during this pandemic forced us to come up with timely strategies to retain our edge. Thinking outside the box is a common phrase, but it best describes our thought process during this time. IT Recruitment is a competitive industry, and everyone is always innovating to stay ahead.

On our part, we had the extra challenge of starting out in the year of Coronavirus. Startups struggle to succeed, and for startups that get launched during the worst shock to the job market since the great depression, the odds were even tougher.

Still, we worked tirelessly during this time to create great relationships with candidates and improved our internal processes tremendously. This effort led to us having a robust database of highly qualified talents across multiple continents. Such a resource makes our matching and talent-mapping incredibly accurate.

It is also vital to keep up to date with the latest trends in the tech world. Accordingly, we invested in learning more programming languages to remain sharp for emerging opportunities.

Such out-the-box thinking is what has allowed us to be a leading local IT recruitment agency, with the tools and personnel to match any expectations.

The Big Picture

These have been extraordinary times in the job market. The fact that we have launched and thrived during this period is a testament to just how solid our agency is moving forward.

Even as the world looks to emerge from this recession, our IT recruitment and matching tools will prove to be a goldmine for individuals and organizations looking to hire or get hired.

Our timely and decisive measures have ensured that we managed to rise even at a time when the tide was against us.

Moving forward, the only way to go is up.